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God Hardens Situations to Upgrade

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And I will hardens Pharaoh’s heart and multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt” Exodus 7:3

Life may seem fabulous for those with wealth or have achieved their dreams; have all the accoutrements and luxuries that make this world a better place to live.To others, life is a bloody game; “survival of the fittest” which is mostly accompanied by hardship, disappointments, failure and a whole lot. Whatever life may appear to be in your circle, there is a reason for that experience. I heard the above Bible verse (Exodus 7:3) from a presenter called Samuel Eshun of Radio Gold onemorning when he was giving his daily motivational quotes. As a lover of inspirational and motivational stuff I quickly noted down the text to read further for a better understanding.

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The verse simply expounds how the Israelites were maltreated in the land of Egypt and God wanted Moses to bring them out of slavery. He wanted Moses to lead his people out of Egypt from the hands of their Wicked king Pharaoh. God gave Moses a huge task to perform, for the reason that confronting a king of such caliber wasn’t going to be any tranquil. That is why in the chapter 4 (Exodus 4:1-14) Moses gave all the excuses his mind could settled on in order to avoid his assignment; thus, to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians.
After convincing Moses and given him all the procedures to follow God then tells Moses he will hardens King Pharaoh’s heart (Exodus 7:3a) and this is where the problem is. Many of us if were in Moses’ shoes would be alarmed and ask questions such as: “God how can you harden the heart of a person you
expect to set your people free? Why are you sending me then if that is what you intend to do?”. The same verse and the verse 5 answer the question. Exodus 7:3b says “… and multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt” then the verse 5 (Exodus 7:5) concludes with: “So that Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I stretch forth my hands to bring my people out of Egypt”.

Many a time, we go through lifetime challenges; the more we buckle up our endurance seat belt, the more the situation exacerbates. We may have depleted all alternatives yet there are no signs of improvement. When this happens, we become skeptic and begin to question our faith.
Nevertheless, when you feel all odds are against you and that your current situation can never get better, just remember that those impediments are there to multiply the success that will befall you. God has hardened the heart of that employer who is refusing you the job so that at the right time when he raises his hand, everyone around you will know He is the Lord. He might be preparing your appointment, promotion, success when you have no idea of, so do not let those obstacles to scare you into giving up.


  • Do you know why that friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife rejected or jilted you? God made it possible to show himself mighty, when the time is right, he will make a better replacement of what you lost.
    A leader of my church once told me how he was refused visa to the USA upon two attempts. He gave up his dream of traveling to the United States but was called in two years-time to come for that same visa for which he was bounced. According to him, he was not only issued with the visa when he visited the embassy but received a VIP treatment as he was asked the type of breakfast he preferred before his interview, which he passed.
    That is a clear example of how God hardens situations to upgrade his people. Never think it is too late for Him to intervene and rescue you from the hardship you are going through, if only you will hold on a bit; you will see his Mighty hand upon your life. Don’t surrender to those mountains yet, have faith that it will be over soon, you will smile again, everything will be fine. Just do your best, talk to God and believe that you will succeed.  Have a Blissful week.



Mercy Manukure is a Ghanaian Writer, a Journalist, Entrepreneur and Director of fiction with Christain and Moral theme concerning Inspiration, Motivation, Marriage and Relationships. Manakure’s passion is to capture real life time experiences of everyday people in a form of articles to inspire, motivate and guide others (mostly the youth. She inspires many young individuals through her motivational quotes. She is the founder of Expressions GH.
Mercy’s Favourite Quote: “Yes I Can! “~Barack Obama
Mercy’s Favourite Bible verse: “With God everything is possible” Matt. 19:26b

Written and Edited by Mercy Manukure for Prosalms.com (use with permission) 




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