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TALES FROM CAMPUS – Episode 1- How It all Started by Loretta Efua Agyemang

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        Episode 1 – How It All Started 

My heart leaped for joy as my phone beeped with the message tone and I saw a notification with the topic UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS. I quickly opened it, as I have been waiting for a while. My friends kept calling to tell me of theirs but mine seem never to come.


Upon seeing the full message which indicated that I had been admitted to one of the prestigious university in Ghana, I rushed to my mum’s room shouting “Finally!! Finally!!, Mummy, Finally!!”


My mum knelt down in front of the image of Christ hanging on the wall of the room and began glorifying God. Wondering why? Yes because it was just a week to the date of reporting to school and the tension and suspense was so high. Thankful to the faith my mum had in God which made her believe that I will surely get admitted to the university, she had already bought my things ready for school.





Adadzewaa!! Adadzewaa!!…. I heard my mum call from the living room and I knew what time it was…. “ADVICE TIME”. It is so cliché for parents to advice their wards an eve to reporting to a new school but it was very important most especially now that I was entering an environment where I was under my own control with so much freedom, choosing what to do and what not to do.  Jumping out of bed, I headed for the living room, where she sat with her Bible. As usual, she said, put off the television and sit down. Maame Adadzewaa as she affectionately called me, University is not SHS, neither is JHS nor primary where you are govern by rules and you have a particular itinerary all students abide by. In the university, there is no siren to wake you up from bed. Neither will any teacher or lecturer come and chase you to go for class. Hence you would need to manage your time well. Never forget your GOD and never forget  where you are from. My daughter “carry your head” (which means make decisions for yourself and don’t be influenced by friends). Study hard and make me proud, she ended with. Thank You mother, I promise to make you proud, I responded. Let’s pray……… (Mum prayed with me).


My mum single-handedly raised my elder brother, Nana Kwesi and I up since our infancy and she made sure we never lacked anything. My dad left when I was still a baby. He use to send money for our fees but he stopped along the line. Mum had to take care of Nana Kwesi and I and now he is in the states fending for himself. I know it wasn’t easy but my mum is a strong woman and my brother and I have vowed to make her proud one day. Mum brought us up in a Godly way and taught us to be always content with what we have. I will surely make mum proud.




Wake up and get dressed, your uncle is on his way to pick us to your new school. I hurriedly took my bath and got dressed. Upon my uncle’s arrival, mum helped me to pack my things into the car. We said a prayer and set off.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………… 



Loretta Efua Agyemang is the CEO of Loret Kids and Teens Modelling and Talents Agency, a Makeup Artiste with the brand name Luxe by Lorey, a BSC holder in Computer Science and Statistics, a singer, dancer, actress and most importantly the Secretary of PROSALMS Team. Lorey loves to write in her spare times. She believes everything in this world is possible with God.
Lorey’s Favourite Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5~6



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