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TALES FROM CAMPUS – EPISODE 3 – Let’s talk about us.



Well, it’s been quite tough for me but as at now, I have a good guy in my life. Ey Adez, you that haha, she cut in. We both giggled………

Agyeiwaa wanted to know more about my relationship life and I wanted to know hers too so I suggested we go to the mini restaurant in my hall so we talk over lunch.

I ordered my favourite assorted meat fried rice and salad while she opted for jollof rice with grilled chicken.

So tell me, who is this lucky guy Agyeiwaa asked. Hmm, I smiled. He is here o. Ey here as in? She asked. He is a resident of this hall. Agyeiwaa stopped eating, no wonder you insisted on choosing this hall.  HAHAHAHAH! We both SOMElaughed out loud.

I met him in my church. Shuuuuush, no comment; as she was ready to exclaim. He is my Reverend Minister’s son. We actually live in the same neighbourhood but I never noticed him till he approached me in church. He claimed I look like him so he felt like talking to me, who knows I might be her long lost cousin. So after that chat we exchanged contact and became friends. After some few months he asked me to be his girlfriend. Well I liked him though but there was a situation; I was still dating Fred. Eyy Adez, who too is Fred? She asked.

Well Fred was my boyfriend from SHS. I still liked Fred but He was in Kumasi and I was in Kasoa so you see that thing, distance… but Max was much closer. Oh girls dierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, AJ said quite disappointed in me. Yeah I know right. So I told Max to give me some time to sort the situation at hand out and he was cool about it and gave me some time to settle things. I later broke up with Fred and said yes to Max. So as I mentioned earlier, he is a resident of this hall but he is out now for a program. He plays the piano so you know what I mean hehe… Well he is in level 300 reading Pharmacy. Eissssh pressure, AJ teased.

Okay so now let’s talk about you AJ,


tell me how you sustained a relationship for 7 good years. Hmmm she started, let me say it is God oh. Don’t you guys fight or quarrel or something? I asked curiously. We do, we do, a lot of times but at the end of the day love wins my sister. She said with a smile. Akwasi is not a perfect gentleman. That is the first thing I made sink in my head, so I will know he is bound to make mistakes sometimes. Interesting, I said. Sometimes he is super annoying. Especially on days when he just want to be on your nerves. He will cause unnecessary trouble and try his best to push the blame on me and have me apologise and at the end of the day laugh at me and tell me it was a prank. Seriously? I mean who does that,I said. Yeah exactly but I am quite used to that now. AH! AJ and you keep apologizing? Adez, Akwasi is creative when it comes to this, so you wont even realize it is a prank till the whole issue is over. Eyyyy hmmmmm I see and you call it what, love wins? I see.

Adez it hasn’t been so easy oh, Akwasi is in level 200 in KNUST. He is nowhere near me. I don’t see what he does, neither does he see what I do but there is a word like TRUST. Ey MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR AJ! I teased.

HAHAHA, sometimes I feel like trying something new, you know he is my first ever boyfriend right since JHS 1. Yeah I heard so, I replied. But I guess it’s all good, there is somebody for everyone so I guess he is my somebody. Pressurreeeeeeeeeeeee, I cut in.

My phone rang 

Max:           Hey Honey, where are you! I am back oh

Me:             Hey boo, I am at the mini restaurant in the hall with                    Agyeiwaa, my childhood friend I told you about……

Max:          Yeah Yeah Yeah……. Oh great, would you want me to                    come over or you ladies will pass by when you are                        done.

Me:             We are almost done here, so I guess you can take                      your shower and relax, we will come over when we                      are done.

Max:          Ey madam shower, here too…..

Me:            Hahaha what did you say your room number is again

Max:          4012

Me:           Sure boo, see you soon.


AJ, Max is in and would like to meet you so lets finish up and go see him. Yaaaaaaay, I cant wait! AJ replied.

To be continued………………………………….


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