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You are The Reflection Of Your Thought



I am not good enough! I can’t do it: I am; inept, moron, I am dumbo. I will fail in this examination, I will
not pass the interview, I am too timorous to stand the contest; what ken would my loved ones and
critics have about me if I flop or lose?
These are common words or phrases we often say, have said to ourselves if not aloud, in our thoughts.
Often than not, we demean ourselves when faced with tough challenges life comes with. Instead of
considering our abilities and capabilities to generate solutions to the problem, we turn to focus more on
our weakness and negativity which makes us less or worse of what we could be.
Our brain controls our thoughts and our thoughts are influenced by many factors, some of which are
conventional, usually resulting from environmental factors, some has to do with past experiences, and
others are learned from loved ones and close relations.
In a setting where you are surrounded by people who think in a particular way, you are likely to think
alike, thus influenced by their thoughts.
Just like any organ in the body, our thoughts have the biggest influence in our lives; be it positive or
negative. One cannot just get up and start acting things out without first having a thought in mind. If I
am hungry, angry or sad, it is my mind that rings the bell for me to feel that way, our thoughts trigger
our emotions to act or believe what we feel about ourselves.

Patrick Fynn Bondzi an Author of “You are on your own” in his book expounds that our brain controls
our thoughts by producing chemicals that sends nerve signal across our systems which changes our
mood in any situation and that the chemicals responsible for the changes in our mood are referred to as
He goes further to explicate that our immune system is affected by our thoughts; that’s your immune
system is influenced by your thoughts in a negative or positive way. If you have a thought of feeling
better even in your sickbed, your system will respond to that thought just as it will do for the opposite.
It is extremely necessary to think positive of yourself or have a good thought always as it is the thought
that reins your entire being, your input and output in any situation.
A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes -Mahatma Gandhi. If you give
yourself the assurance that you can make it, ponder on it anytime those hard times hit you and work
towards your goals instead of folding your arms and thinking the opposite, you will eventually achieve
those goals.
As humans, it is normal to have the “this is tough; it is not going to be eath, I’m scared, I am shy…” type
of feeling but do not let it outshadow your competence. Instead of thinking about how difficult that
problem is, think about the possible ways in which you can solve it.

Don’t waste much time focusing on your weakness; thinking about how bad, stupid or ugly you are,
when you do that you shut yourself up from seeing the other better side of you.
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you will start having positive results –Willie
Back in school, I had this friend who was always pessimistic about almost everything; she will be like
“what if what we are studying doesn’t show up in the examination questions? What if we fail the test…?
So when I realized that was her nature I found a solution, whenever those negative words come out of
her I would ask “what if the opposite also happens? I did that consistently until she stopped.
In order to have a positive self, devoid of negative thoughts and acts, avoid the following;
• Friends who make you feel less or worse a human being all the time: there are some friends
who will never bring out any better thing in you; they are so negative that even when something
worth their commendation is done, they will choose to criticize you instead. Avoid such friends
they are not worthy of your time.
• Things that make you feel bad: if you think you are too slim or big, avoid clothes which you are
no comfortable with. Don’t watch movies or listen to songs that project your mind on your
negative side more than the positive aspect.
Meanwhile, read good books, listen to motivational talks, do more of the things that bring out the best
in you, visit places you love, hangout with people who inspire and motivate you. You being the master
controller of your brain, hence your thoughts, it is important to have good thoughts of yourself all the
time to put you in a good mood. Above all, pray and draw close to God.


You are the reflection of your thoughts so think positive! Change your thoughts and you change your
world- Norman Vincent Peale
Now replace those negative words or phrases above which you often say to yourself to “I can do it, I am
adept, intelligent, I am not stupid. I will pass the exams, the interview and get that job”.
Listen to Lasi’s “What You think” it sums up everything I want to say to you.
Enjoy your week
Mercy Manukure


Mercy Manukure is a Ghanaian Writer, a Journalist, Entrepreneur and Director of fiction with Christain and Moral theme concerning Inspiration, Motivation, Marriage and Relationships. Manakure passion is to capture real life time experiences of everyday people in a form of articles to inspire, motivate and guide others (mostly the youth). She inspires many young individuals through her motivational quotes. She is the founder of Expressions GH.
Mercy’s Favourite Quote: “Yes I Can! “~Barack Obama
Mercy’s Favourite Bible verse: “With God everything is possible” Matt. 19:26b


Written and Edited by Mercy Manukure for Prosalms.com (use with permission) 



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