Knock! Knock!

Are you sure this is the room? AJ asked. Masa Masa, you know I am a shark, I hardly forget things said to me……………………”especially numbers” we both said and laughed out loud.

Just then the door opened and there boo stood. I jumped to hug him as it’s been a month we saw each other.

AJ cleared her throat in a way to make us remember she is still around.


Me:                Boo, so finally you get to meet Agyeiwaa, my childhood friend, class 2  mate       and…………

Agyeiwaa:     Madam, madam it’s okay you dier I know you, hehe before you start giving details of my maths score and all

Max:             Hahhaaha ey so it started from infancy, madam details.

Me:               Haahaaha you people should just let me be. Okay AJ, you meet Max, the guy you term as the lucky guy.

Max:             Ey go me! Anyway can you please excuse us?

Me:               Excuse who? I mean who should excuse who?

Max:             Honey, kindly excuse Agyeiwaa and I for few minutes.

Me:               Ey! Which coup d’etat will you guys be planning in my absence.

Ageiwaa and Max laughed although Agyeiwaa looked quite surprise and might have been wondering what Max was going to talk to her about.

Me:              Anyway, have fun……. I will be on the balcony.


Tell me more about my lady please. How was she way back then? Do you think she has changed? Any special advice for me on how best to treat her? Because I never want to lose her. Max asked AJ. Aww how cute….well I must say you’ve gotten a good woman. Adez use to be so affable and caring way back in class 2. A very decent prim and proper girl who was very punctual, neat and exceptionally intelligent. She was just an admirable, adorable, pretty, cute girl. I am not just playing with words. I mean each word I use. She use to be a rich kid so all the hungry boys use to follow her for lunch knowing very well Adez won’t eat but rather spend her money to buy food for them. Hahaha they both laughed. Max, you indeed have a treasure. One thing you should note is that Adez likes attention, very much. She is that girl who wants to feel loved, I mean everyone want to feel loved but charley Adez dier……. Hahhaha i know right, Max cut in. Well, that was the Adez I knew, we haven’t met for years but we still communicated and I think she is still the Adez, just that she has grown more beautiful. That is just the little I can say about my friend and yeah she doesn’t joke with her God. So dear, just be loyal and try your best to give her all the attention she needs. Note that because of the qualities she possess, most at times people especially guys are all around her but you don’t have to feel insecure, Adez is faithful. Ahaa and she is not a material girl too so I doubt she will be asking for things from you because she was brought up to be content with what she has but hey she loves surprises too though. Interesting…. Max cut in. Hey, I appreciate this piece of advice a lot, I guess I have to guard her with jealous care……….Ey you are a Methodist ampa, Agyeiwaa teased. Let’s call her in now before she starts thinking we are planning a coup. Hahahha they both laughed.

Adez enters………….ey kokonsa galore, so tell me, what exactly were the two of you talking about? Adez asked. Arrhh really? If I wanted you to hear, I wouldn’t have asked you to excuse us oh hahaah, Max teased.

Okay ladies, let me just give you a piece of advice for your stay on campus. I will definitely give you more gists but just this little bit for a start. It is not easy to stay here knowing you have your freedom but you have to be discipline to succeed. The going “might” get tough, emphasis on “might” but hey we serve a God of possibilities and with Him everything is possible. Temptations might come your way from friends, teaching assistants, if you are not too lucky even lecturers, but I pray that will not be your story. Never think of giving up. Like an eagle, seek to soar to the sun. Don’t give up. David was courageous and had faith that, is how come he faced the giant Goliath. Hence sweethearts, keep this in mind, say it to yourselves each day, that I CAN MAKE IT! and be prepared to FACE THE GIANTS…………………………

To be continued……………………………………………..






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