Agyeiwaa asked to take leave of us but I opted to go with her and go check out her room too as she had been with me the whole day. Agyeiwaa kept teasing me as we walked down the stairs “Adez in love” Part 1 & 2.


Adez, he looks like a good boy, like I mean a “chrife”, is he? She asked. Madam, I mentioned earlier that he is the son of our reverend minister, were you expecting anything different? I asked. Eyyy! you of all people, chai…. then this is true love. She teased. AJ herh seriously? I don’t remember telling you I like bad boys. Hahaha, you never did but I know your kind of guy madam, you like fashionable guys, but looking at the size of my paddy’s trouser and shirt dier……. My friend shut up! LOL, it’s the human being not the “shadda” I said…..EYYYYYYY Adez is in love ooo people!!! Hahahah we both laughed out loud.


We entered AJ’s room, her roommates were very welcoming, and after all they were all freshers like myself. She introduced me as her brilliant childhood friend class 2 and they all started calling me sharkooor! sharkooor!. AJ pulled a container of crackers for me while she stepped out to get drinks.


Her room mates, Annette, Solace and Nanette engaged me in a conversation on my take on girls’ school and mixed school as I attended mixed school likewise Annette but Solace and Nanette were both from girls’ school. We were having such an interesting discussion till AJ entered and started teasing me with Max’s shirt again. She told her roommates about him and they all started laughing because she told them love has made me change my taste.

I managed to change the story back to the schools and AJ joined with her loud mouth since she was a die-hard girls’ school freak. So the main topic for discussion was whether girls from girls’ schools could comport themselves better in the presence of guys than girls from mixed school and which of these parties could really flow with guys and which girls had cool boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. Well my take was that girls from girls’ school are usually shy of guys and hence sometimes cannot really flow with guys. What do you also think?

Girls let’s take a stroll around the school, I suggested. Yes! Yes! Yes! They all agreed happily.

I called Max to inform him of our stroll and he was cool with it so we set out. All eyes were on us because we kept giggling and taking pictures at all the nice points of the school.

Hi, ladies! A guy called from behind and we all ignored him but he still followed up till he caught up with us. Hello ladies, I am Bismarck. Okay how may we help you? Nannette asked. Well I saw you passing and I couldn’t take my eyes off such pretty babes. Okay congrats “Mr. I couldn’t take my eyes off” can we go now? Solace said quite rudely. But this guy wouldn’t just give up. We kept walking off and he kept running after us. What is it young man? AJ asked. Can I be your friend? He asked. “Friend?” we all asked simultaneously and laughed. I mean who said we needed an extra friend, we are cool as we are. Solace said. Okay Bismarck, you can be our friend, bye friend and we walked away. Just after passing two more halls, there came another call, then another call after another. I mean I just couldn’t fathom why guys were just calling us all around. I mean yeah we know we are “FRESH FRESHERS” thus pretty newbies on campus but I mean what all this, ladies, sisters, ohemaa etc. But well, we are new so maybe that’s what happens here, we will get used to it. I assured myself. We took a stroll all around. We saw an ice cream shop and got some for ourselves. It was getting late so we took a few more pictures and walked back to our halls. We hugged each other and parted for the night. I run back to Max room and surprisingly he had bought me supper. We ate and he escorted me back to my room. Bae church service starts at 9am tomorrow so you can have some rest and make sure you are ready by 8.30am, a bus will pick us up, he said. Oh that’s cool. Thanks baby, Have a goodnight……Goodnight! He hugged me and I entered my room………………….

To be continued……………………………


Loretta Efua Agyemang is the CEO of Loret Kids and Teens Modelling and Talents Agency, a Makeup Artiste with the brand name Luxe by Lorey, a BSC holder in Computer Science and Statistics, a model, a singer, dancer, actress and most importantly the Secretary of PROSALMS Media Ltd. Lorey loves to write in her spare times. She believes everything in this world is possible with God.
Lorey’s Favourite Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5~6




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