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The Anointing-QuickWord with Prophet Prince Ohene Bekoe



The Anointing is the supernatural fuel that brightens and empowers our natural and spiritual gifts. Today, I want you to have a continuous hunger and thirst for an ever increasing measure of the Anointing.

*There are measures of the Anointing.* When Elisha was asked by his spiritual father, ‘Ask, what shall I do for you before I be taken from you”, his response was that he needed a double portion of the Anointing upon the life of Elijah! He asked for double. That means the Anointing is in measures! (2 Kings 2:1-10)

This also means that irrespective of the measure of the Anointing you carry now, there are measures higher, and dimensions deeper than you are have (presently). _If you keep at your level for too long, you will stagnate._

The one secret to possessing an increasing measure of the Anointing is a genuine desire! *Whatever you do not desire, you do not deserve.* Whatever you genuinely desire, you receive a deposit of. Do you long for an increasing anointing? If you do, then you will receive it.

It is desire that gingered Elisha to follow Elijah to the end. It is desire that made the disciples pursue Jesus to the very end. It is desire that makes me pursue my father in the ministry. If you keep increasing your desire, your anointing will definitely be increasing!

Unfortunately, those who feel they have ‘reached’ (only God knows where?), or have become too big to follow are those who dwindle faster into the land of forgetfulness. Those who feel they have it all, know it all, or have seen it all stagnate and begin to stink.

Your gifts can become sharper, better, more productive and excellent as long as you keep desiring for an increasing measure of the Anointing. It may be banking, marketing, leadership, video production, .entrepreneurship , teaching or prophesying, the more you keep desiring for more (through learning and following), the better you become!

Receive the Anointing!

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