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Stand Out- Food For The Soul


Stand out! What comes to mind when you hear this phrase? Is it to be the; Greatest, Richest, Smartest,
Strongest, Most Beautiful to be noticed amongst the millions/billions of people within your setting? Or
to own unique features, characteristics or attitudes that give you out from the tons?
Growing up, most of us were made to believe a number of myths, one of such is: formal education was
the solely and surest way to reach your dreams in order to stand out: To be the; well respected,
successful, influential and wisest person in your family you need to be in school. Countless times have
we attributed the success of influential people in our society to the level of their education or the type
of school they attended.


Our teachers and other trainers also shelled us with all sorts of theories and “one-way” learning
procedure to obtain good grades making us think and live somewhat like robots.
They failed to reveal to us the realities in the outside world: they demurred in making us understand
that formal education was just a catalyst to progress, and that there were other routes a person can
take to become whatever he wishes to be. This is not to downplay the impacts of formal education on
the individual but reiterate that it is not the only way to success, make significant a person to stand out.
To stand out means to be obvious among the lots; to be unique, extraordinary or possess something
that differentiate you from others.
You don’t need to own anything in excess to stand out, for example: you don’t have to be super
beautiful or rich in order to stand out, because no matter how beautiful or rich you look there may be
others who have more of that.

You can stand out in that small corner you find yourself in if you search within yourself to know the true
you and what your potentials are. Study you to know the things (positive) you are best at and put them
out there for others to appreciate. You may not get the results you expect immediately but it will pay off
in the long run.
To stand out from the tons, you must not follow the crowd or the common way of doing things. You
need to be confident and stand for what you believe in. You can never stand out in your field when all
you do is to copy or be controlled by others. If everyone is taking road X to their destination, find out the
possible ways you can use road Y to reach your destination too.


Put into practice what you study in school or the training you had, if it is not working, explore other
areas as well. The fact that you went to a journalism school to study communications does not
guarantee that you must work in a media house. It is part of social science so look for others areas or
places that require communication skills to work with.
Whatever you find yourself doing add value to it, do it differently to be noticed among others. If you are
a Blogger know that there are so many of them out there, so let your blog stand out from the lots. You
can try infographic if everyone is doing text blogging.

If you find yourself doing the same thing with someone, figure out what you can do uniquely to stand
out from your competitor. For instance, if you are both selling a particular product at the same price,
you can add some nice packaging to it or sell at a discount to attract more customers.
You can also stand out by offering a helping hand to those in need if you have the means. That little
kindness you show towards others sticks in their head forever.
Whenever there is a trend in hairstyle, dress or food, don’t be in a haste to join the masses to appear
same, look for other innovative ways to spice up that hairstyle or dress to differentiate you from the
To stand out from the multitudes, examine who you are (your strength and weakness), unearth your
potentials and put them into use, be creative and innovative, learn new things every day, be yourself
and don’t follow the crowd, be original and don’t copy others blindly, create links and seek for advice
from experts or the people you trust and keep practicing what you are good at till you become perfect in
The fact that everyone is eating Banku with fried fish or Tilapia does not mean you cannot eat your
Banku with grilled or fried chicken Stand out!
Banku (cooked fermented corn and cassava dough) is one of the meals Ghanaians are passionate about.
It is often served with Tilapia and hot pepper.
By Mercy Manukure

Mercy Manukure is a Ghanaian Writer, a Journalist, Entrepreneur and Director of fiction with Christain and Moral theme concerning Inspiration, Motivation, Marriage and Relationships. Manakure’s passion is to capture real life time experiences of everyday people in a form of articles to inspire, motivate and guide others (mostly the youth. She inspires many young individuals through her motivational quotes. She is the founder of Expressions GH.
Mercy’s Favourite Quote: “Yes I Can! “~Barack Obama
Mercy’s Favourite Bible verse: “With God everything is possible” Matt. 19:26b

Written and Edited by Mercy Manukure for Prosalms.com (use with permission) 



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