Sunday Morning…………………………………………..ITS A NEW DAY!

My alarm beeped at 7am, I turned and slapped it off and covered my head with the duvet. It beeped again then I remembered I wasn’t home so I woke up and yeah IT’S A NEW DAY on campus. 

I said a prayer and jumped out of bed. I said good morning to my roommates but they didn’t respond. I ignored and went to have a quick shower. I quickly dressed up as I didn’t want Max to call me while I wasn’t yet ready.


My phone bells……………………………………………………………………


Max:       Good Morning Sunshine!

Me:         Hi, bae. Good Morning. How are you doing?

Max:        I am fine and you? Did you sleep well?

Me:          Hmm, not too well, you know sleeping at a new place for the first time for me is not always so  cool but I will get used to that with time so don’t worry.

Max:         Yeah, you will be fine with time. Alright it’s almost 8am, I hope you are getting ready for church.

Me:           I am already done so if you don’t mind I could join you in your room so we wait there together.

Max:         Oh I don’t mind, would you want to eat before we go to church? I could quickly fix you breakfast.

Me:           Aww thanks bae, but I prefer to go to church empty so I can worship really well. You know what I mean right.

Max:          Eissssh pressure! I get you though. Okay why don’t I rather come down so we just take a walk around for a while while waiting for the bus?

Me:            That’s not bad either. See you soon then.

Max:           Sure love, bye.

Me:             Bye.


Knock! Knock!

Hi baby, oh wow that’s my man! You look good, i complimented. Hehe thanks hun, you sure you like it. He asked. Oh yeah I absolutely love it. I said. But hey you look dazzling! wow!, you look so pretty!, come here. He said and hugged me with a smile. Shall we? He asked. Sure, let me get my bag.


We stepped out to take a stroll around the hall to while away time.

So tell me, what are some of the nice programs the church organizes here on campus? Well there is a drama and dance festival, there is a choral night, there are sporting activities, there is SICE which is “Students in Church Evangelism”, there is a business seminar, there are prayer festivals, End of year dinner etc, Max listed. Wow interesting, that is to say there is a theatre group and a choir which I can join right? I asked. Well yes honey, but I will only permit you to join one so that you won’t use all your time which is supposed to be for studying for rehearsal. OH! Seriously? I asked. Oh yeah! He answered, so choose your lot, he added. I wasn’t so pleased with that because I loved dancing, acting, recitals, singing and sports so I was hoping to be part of all these groups.

Adez, why that moody face? Hmm nothing, I answered. So what about sports, can I continue my athletics and also join the hockey team of the university since you know that is the two major sports I do?  Hmm, honey let’s talk about this over lunch after church service. I can hear the horn of the bus so let’s get going, he said. Yes please, I responded.

There it was, a very nice bus branded with the name “GHAMSU” with some students already on board and others boarding. The horn of the bus sounded again and we hurried aboard.

When we got to our destination, a group of people were coming out of the auditorium and I asked Max which people they were and why they were coming out of the same auditorium we are yet to use. Just before he answered we saw Agyeiwaa come out and I told Max I wanted to say hi to her so I run to hug her and asked her what she came to do there. Max joined us soon after and said hi to Agyeiwaa and said; Adez asked me which people were coming out so kindly answer her since you are one of them. We all laughed and AJ said they are, better still we are the NUPS-G members. Oh okay, so you come before we do? i asked. Yes maa, she said. Hahaha Oh I see! So what time does your service start? I asked AJ. 7am and we close at 8.45am so you guys can also come from 9.00am to 10.45am, so we all use the same setup, AJ added. Eish it seems someone has really been well-informed of the happenings of this campus, Max said and we all laughed. Ok guys! let me leave you to enjoy your service and try and catch the bus back to the hall. Bye dearies, AJ hugged me, waved Max and left. Baby, I need to join the choristers so I will see you after church okay, Max said. Alright love, take care, I responded.  I got a seat on the first row so I could get a clear view of everything and most importantly so I could see Max and admire him while he plays the organ for the service.

Service was great, the sermon was powerful and yeah first year students were welcomed and prayed for. Everybody seemed very friendly. There was an announcement for first year students to wait behind after service. We were given snacks and several forms from various department of the church were passed around for interested persons to fill. I stubbornly filled two forms,that of the choir and another for the theatre department knowing very well Max would not be pleased if I told him. We closed the meeting after introducing ourselves and exchanging pleasantries. I met few friends from my SHS and I was very excited. I later saw Max waving at me so I went to join him. He introduced me to some of his friends who were really itching to see me since Max had been talking about me for a long time.

What would you want to have for lunch? Max asked. Ah! Am I not supposed to be asking you that? I said. Well, let’s just say it’s a welcome address. He said and we both laughed. Anything nice, I said. Okay let’s check out this new restaurant across the road so we can talk over lunch on your sports issue, he said. Hmmm I have already………… ermm okay let’s talk over lunch, I said. You have already done what baby, talk to me…………… We will talk over lunch heheheh……………

To be continued…………………………..




Loretta Efua Agyemang is the CEO of Loret Kids and Teens Modelling and Talents Agency, a Makeup Artiste with the brand name Luxe by Lorey, a BSC holder in Computer Science and Statistics, a model, a singer, dancer, actress and most importantly the Secretary of PROSALMS Media Ltd. Lorey loves to write in her spare times. She believes everything in this world is possible with God.
Lorey’s Favourite Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5~6


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