A nice restaurant it was. Max pulled the chair for me to sit down and he sat next to me. What would you have baby? He asked. My usual, I answered. Waiter, first of all please get us a bottle of champagne and then for food you get my princess assorted meat fried rice and then assorted meat jollof rice for myself. Thank you, Max said.

So tell me, what did you want to tell me earlier? He asked. Hmm, I think we should start from you since you said we will talk over lunch, I replied. Well if you say so. So honey, no offence but this is the university, it is not like SHS, where almost everything is programmed or laid out for you to follow. Here in the university, the greatest virtue you have to learn to have is “discipline” and this is due to the fact that here on campus, everyone lives independently. Yeah of course for some courses like mine, you have a timeline you have to follow that is class starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. Hence it is constant that I have to wake up at 5am and read over my notes, take my shower, dress up and prepare to wait for the bus which comes at 7am to pick up all pharmacy students. It is almost the same as medicine and allied health students but they even leave earlier and return later than we do. But guess what, for your course and many other courses, there is quite space or let me say you get to enjoy some luxury of time as your lectures are not so fixed and back to back like mine. You could have just two lectures in a day. I doubt you will ever have more than four lectures in a row. You might even have free days where you have no lecture at all. He said. Oh great! then I can really get time to do sports and other recreational activities, I said excitedly.

Hmm, i wish I could just concur but honey see, because the lectures are not back to back and no one will actually beat you for absenting yourself whatsoever, people turn to be lazy and reluctant towards lectures. They then end up using all the time for sports, rehearsals, outings, etc. and eventually forget about their reason for their being on campus. Baby, I know you need to have a social life and you are not the boring type but the fun loving yet studious. But I will prefer you concentrate on just one extra curriculum activity so that you can also have time to rest and enough time for your studies not forgetting me, hehe, he said. But hey dearie, it is just an advice, the “choices and decisions” are yours to make.

Thanks honey, I really appreciate your advice very much. What I wanted to say is that I have already written my name to be part of the theatre department and the choir when the forms were passed round during the freshers meeting. I am really sorry I didn’t seek your consent but you know I love both activities. Can I please stick to the two and let go of the sports, pleeeeeeeeeeease? I pleaded with Max.

Honey, as I said earlier I am not forcing you to either join or not join any department or not do anything of your choice, I am just bringing to you the reality on the ground and guiding you towards making good decisions that will help you come out as a successful graduate at the end of your four year stay here. But well if you say so, it’s cool with me but I know you will surely leave one along the line and that’s for sure. Hahahahah, it’s neither a curse nor a prophecy o. He teased and also said, guess what, theatre department meets on Wednesday and Friday evenings and choir meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings and the church’s general prayer meeting is on Monday evening and the midweek service is also on Thursday evening. So tell me, first of all how are you going to manage the two rehearsal clashes on Wednesday? he asked, and also are you saying you will only have Sundays to yourself to rest? I won’t even talk of me, hmmmmmmmmm. Max added.

Hmmmm I think I totally understand now but can you kindly permit me to start both and then later drop one please? And I promise to rest and also make enough time for us.

Alright dear, finish up your food. I hope you are enjoying it? He asked. You know I am an all-time fried rice fan haha, it’s great, I am really enjoying it. How about yours, is it good? I asked Max. Yes it is but not as good as your jollof and he winked. Hahaha, I know you miss my jollof don’t worry, I got you. I said. Go me! Go me! He said excitedly. So tell me how was the church service? Max asked. Oh it was great, I love the sermon and I also couldn’t stop admiring you playing the keys. Hahaha ey boo, so you were in church to watch me, no wonder I felt some tension and a strong feeling to impress, hahahah we both laughed. And yeah I saw you with some boogie skills go baby. Anyway what would you want for dessert? he asked. Can I have the menu for the smoothies and ice cream please? I asked the waiter. Right away miss. I chose cookies and cream, and Max went in for vanilla ice cream. Would you want to pack anything to the room? He asked. I think it’s enough, I have had enough already but ermm let’s see about some salad for the evening so waiter kindly package two packs of salad thus if Max wants any. Yes please I do. He added, since my lady is on a good eating habit why won’t I join. The waiter giggled and left. Kindly come along with the bill, Max added. Yes please, the waiter responded. But hey baby, I must confess that I am super excited that you have joined me in school. Now I can see my princess every day. Max smiled at me.

Soon the waiter brought the bill, Max paid and we left to get a cab to the hall.

On reaching the hall, he escorted me to my room and left to his. We both had a nap and later in the day we met in front of the hall to take a stroll. We went to say hi to AJ in her room and then we went back to Max room to eat our salad and watch a movie on his laptop. At 8pm, he escorted to my room since the next day was a lecture day and we both needed enough rest to face the day. Goodnight honey, he said and hugged me.

To be continued…………………………………………………….



Loretta Efua Agyemang is the CEO of Loret Kids and Teens Modelling and Talents Agency, a Makeup Artiste with the brand name Luxe by Lorey, a BSC holder in Computer Science and Statistics, a model, a singer, dancer, actress and most importantly the Secretary of PROSALMS Media Ltd. Lorey loves to write in her spare times. She believes everything in this world is possible with God.
Lorey’s Favourite Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5~6



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