Alarm beeps……………………………


I pulled the comforter over my head to prevent the alarm from disturbing my sleep but it still did. I woke up and slapped it to put it off. I said a prayer and went straight to the bathroom to take my bath. When I got back I had missed Max’s call so I called back to tell him I was getting ready for lectures so I was going to call him once I am done. He was cool with that so I went ahead to style my hair and dress up quickly since I had fresher’s orientation at the school’s auditorium from 8am to 10am. I called Max and told him i was ready now, he asked how i was and wished me well for the day. Just after that Agyeiwaa called me to ask if I was ready so we could go together and yeah I was so I joined her downstairs while my roommates still slept.

AJ: Good morning, Adez

(She hugged me)

Me: Good morning, AJ. How are you doing?

AJ: You are looking smart, my friend!

Me: LOL, thank you dear, I like your outfit too. So how are we going, taxi?

AJ: Ey, cash mama, please shuttles will come around wai.

Me: hahah oh ok.

A shuttle came by soon……………we went aboard and met some other freshers who were heading towards the auditorium too.

I paid for the fare for AJ and I and we alighted at the entrance of the auditorium. We went in to meet others and we familiarized ourselves with them. The orientation started exactly at 8am. The Vice Chancellor of the university gave a warm welcoming address to all students present and advised us to take our studies seriously. The various Deans of the various schools and the Heads of Departments also had their chances to speak about how things are done in their respective schools and departments. Hall Tutors were not left out. After all was said and done, we were informed that buses were packed outside to take us round the school and finally drop us at our various department. We were given snacks and a pen drive which had the school’s handbook and the school anthem on it.

Upon our arrival at the department, some people who introduced themselves as the executives for the students association of my department. They ushered us in to register as it was mandatory to be part of the association. We were given branded Lacoste and exercise books after we had been asked to pay 40cds for dues. We were then directed to the notice board to copy our time table then ushered to our lecture hall.

Our first lecture started around 11.30am. The lecturer appointed a gentleman sitting in front of me (Marvin) and myself as the course representatives(reps). He gave us lecture slides to be given to the class and also asked us to see him in his office after the class. Each person in the class was then asked to introduce him or herself by mentioning your full name, hall of residence and then the SHS you attended. This created a lot of noise but fun as the individuals received applause from their SHS mates and lovers of their school. The lecturer introduced himself and his teaching assistant who later shared to us the course outline. The lecturer took us through the course outline and asked as to read about the course so that in the next class we could formally start the course. Other lecturers for the day did basically the same thing and the class suggested that Marvin and I should be maintained as the course reps for all other courses which we had no choice than to accept.

After the lecture, I passed a sheet of paper round requesting for all students present to write down their contact details. I quickly created a I made some new friends as well through that. Marvin signaled me so we could go see the lecturer at his office.

When we got to his office, he took our contact details and advise us to be studious and also hardworking with the role as course reps because it could help us improve upon our leadership skills. We thanked him and stepped out. We had a shuttle just in front of our department, interestingly Marvin was also in my hall so we went back together but I got down at the school’s market to buy some foodstuffs and ingredients to cook supper. The distance from the market to my hall was not so much so I walked back to the hall. I cooked jollof rice when I got to the hall and prepared salad as well, I dished out some for Max and ate some. When Max got back he gave me a call. I told him I would be in his room in a jiffy. I sent his food to him and he was so delighted that I thought of him and shared the food I cooked with him. He had also bought me a gift which was a pair of sandals wrapped and labelled, “Happy First Lecture Day”. I hugged him and said thank you. I was so impressed. He asked me about my lecture day and I told him about it, especially the fact that I had been appointed course rep of all courses. He was so excited and urged me to take it serious as it could help me improve on my leadership skills and also build a good relationship with my lecturers which will make me get a good recommendation from them whenever it is needed. I was amazed because I actually thought it was not much of a big deal just like being a class prefect in shs but I realized there was more to it. Max asked me to go get ready so we go for prayer meeting. We went and had a great time praying at the school’s field. We got back at 8.30pm and went to bed.

To be continued………………………………………………………………………….


Loretta Efua Agyemang is the CEO of Loret Kids and Teens Modelling and Talents Agency, a Makeup Artiste with the brand name Luxe by Lorey, a BSC holder in Computer Science and Statistics, a model, a singer, dancer, actress and most importantly the Secretary of PROSALMS Media Ltd. Lorey loves to write in her spare times. She believes everything in this world is possible with God.
Lorey’s Favourite Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5~6



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