New day………………………Alarm beeped as usual!

I jumped out of bed, rushed to the bathroom, took my shower, and quickly fixed breakfast since today’s lecture was 9.30am. While cooking on the balcony, I heard my roommates talk about me, they didn’t know I hadn’t left for lectures so I eavesdropped.

Marisca: Guess that annoying little girl has left.

Chioma: With her annoying but cute boyfriend.

Ewura Esi: Can you girls just leave the girl alone. Will you do this every day?

Marisca: Madam, madam, madam, when you were coming to university did you have all she has? A fridge, a microwave, a toaster, blender, hand hair dryer, straightener, all the nice clothes, heels, bags, I mean name them………….it’s so annoying. Plus she has a cute boyfriend. I hear he is a pharmacy student too level 300 ey hmmm.

Chioma: I had to hustle to even buy my course handouts.

Ewura Esi: All fingers are not the same, she might come from a rich home or probably her parents don’t want her to suffer in school so she will start following friends.

Masrisca: Counsellor, counsellor! We hear you!

I finished up my breakfast and entered the room. They got startled but I smiled and said good morning. I picked my bag and left the room. Shame was written boldly on their faces.

I got a shuttle right in front of the hall and headed for the lecture hall. I sent Max a message telling him what my roommates were talking about and that I now realize why they didn’t relate with me well. He replied that I should ignore them. So I decided to do as such. Max was already in class so I didn’t want to disturb him.


I got to the class quite early so I used that time to create a group page on whatsapp for the class. They were so excited and started chatting on the page before the lecturer came in. This time it was a lady lecturer. She asked who the course rep was and they all shouted Marvin and Adadzewa. So she called us to come forward. She then gave us the course outline to share for them. She started lecturing us till 11.30am. It was quite an interesting class especially because it was very new to all of us. She gave us a research assignment to be submitted in our next class which was on Friday at 3.30pm.

Our next class was at 1.30pm but we all decided to stay till then. Some got out to buy snacks but I took time to eat my breakfast. Marvin came back with sandwich and offered me one. We got talking and I got to know his girlfriend was from my SHS and was in the same house as me, small world right? He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him about Max and we started teasing each other.

At 12.45pm, almost everyone was seated and one guy suggested we all talk about ourselves and how we were all going to succeed, so Marvin and I suggested we form study groups based on our halls. So we formed groups of 6 as we were a class of about 120 students, and since we had 12 halls we were supposed to be 10 per group but some halls had more members than other so they had to join other hall groups and we also felt 10 was to big a number for a study group. Marvin and I were in the group and the group made me the group leader. I sent a paper round for all the groups to write their names and group leaders and I asked that they all create individual whatsapp group pages so they could communicate easily. By the time we were done it was 1.15pm so I asked that we settle for the next class.

The lecturer got there 10minutes later. It was the very first lecturer we had. He was very lively and interactive. We had a great class and he also gave us a reading assignment in preparation for our next class the next week. The class ended at exactly 3.30pm. Marvin and I had a shuttle but he asked if we could eat lunch before we go at a nearby restaurant. I agreed and we went to eat. We left there around 4.15pm as we walked I met Max and I run to hug him and introduced Marvin to him, he was delighted to meet my new friend and my co-course rep. he asked where we were from and I told him the nearby restaurant, I quickly added that could he imagine that Marvin’s girlfriend was in my SHS and in fact my hall mate! (I had to do that so he won’t get jealous and start suspecting something between Marvin and I). He said oh wow! so where is she now, and Marvin said she was in a nurses training college at Cape Coast and I added that Marvin actually called her for me to talk to her and she was so glad that at least her boyfriend had gotten a friend she personally know and hence I could keep an eye on him. We all laughed. Baby, where to? I asked Max. I am on my way to get some snack for myself. My class will close at 6pm today since we missed one lecture last week, he said. Oh oh ok then we will meet at the hall and talk about what my roomates said, bye honey, I hugged him and left.

We got a shuttle and headed for the hall. Handsome guy you have there, Marvin complimented. Oh thank you, I said, blushing all over. We got to the hall and we parted ways. I took a nap. My phone rang at 6.30, it was Max alerting me to get ready so we go for choir practice. So I took a quick shower and we left. We spoke when we were in the taxi about my roommates and how my day went. We got to the practice grounds at 6.50pm and he showed me to his friends, they were so excited to meet me. We had an interesting rehearsal which ended at 8.30pm. Max picked a taxi and we went back.

This became more like a daily routine for the next couple of days, with lectures, study group meetings, church meetings etc. Until one day something unusual happened………………………..

To be continued……………………………………….


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