Two months on………………………………………

Hey, wait for me, how was the IA? Marvin asked me. Oh it went very well. I replied. Ey shark, he added. Oh ah really? I said. Anyway where to? The hall or the library? Marvin inquired. The hall charley, our next IA is next week Friday, I think I deserve to have a good sleep after three consecutive sleepless nights. I said. Yeah you do sweetie. We picked a shuttle and headed straight to the hall. I went straight to bed.

Phone ringing…………………………

I ignored because I was very tired. It rang continuously for four times so I woke up and saw 4 missed calls from an unknown number. I called back.

Me: Hello good evening, please I missed your calls.

Unknown number: Hello Adez, it’s me Junior


(Junior was my ex from SHS)

Junior: hmmmmmmmmm, anyway I am at Korle Bu.

Me: I guess you came to visit your sister?

(His sister was a nurse at Korle Bu)

Junior: I wish I could say yes but no, I have been on admission here for the past three months.

Me: Reeeeeeaallllly? Why, what’s wrong with you?

Junior: Can you pay me a visit?

Me: Erhmmmm I will try.

Junior: Seriously? You will try?

Me: I will don’t worry. Get well soon, I will check up on you tomorrow God willing.

Junior: Hmmmmmm I have heard you. Goodnight.

Me: Goodnight, bye,

Then I hanged up. I was very very surprised. The call itself was a surprise and then the news of his admission was another blow. I mean what could be wrong with him. Or was he just making excuses to see me? Hmm, Junior wouldn’t lie to me too so I mean why this and why now hmmmmm. Junior was my first love. I met him on my birthday in my last year in SHS at inter colleges sports activities. Not to bore you with how we met, but we got close and I finally said yes to him. Junior was a little deformed and that is actually what drew me even closer to him because I naturally love to care for people with deformities or disabilities. How we broke up? Hmmm, it’s a long story for another day…………

My phone rang………………………

Max: Hey baby, what’s up with you?

Me: I just woke up from a nap. A call woke me up. Can I come over and talk to you.

Max: Sure

I rushed to Max’s room.

Honey good evening, how was class today? I asked. It was great, how was your IA? Did it go well, I know my baby is a shark. He asked. Yeah it did. Have you had something to eat? I asked. Not yet what about you, did you eat before sleeping? He asked. No, I said. I was so stressed out that I did not even remove my dress I took to class. Ha-ha, I told Max. Ok then let’s go for dinner outside campus and talk because I can see there is something you really want to talk about. Max suggested. Hmmm, well if you say so. Let me freshen up quickly. I will be done in 10 minutes, I promise. I said. Ey you that, let me make it 15 for you. Max teased. Ha-ha I won’t mind you.

We picked a cab to a very nice restaurant outside campus and ordered our usual.

You remember Junior right, he was the one that called. Max was quite alarmed. I saw jealousy and curiosity spelt out on his face. Yeah, I remember Junior, your ex from SHS right. He asked. Yes he called. I was asleep when he called. I woke up to see 4 missed calls from him.

So I called back. He said he has been admitted at Korle bu for three months now. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Why what happened, I mean what’s wrong with him? Max asked very surprised? Hey take it easy baby, but well I don’t really know whats wrong. I asked him but he asked if I could pay him a visit so we talk. I narrated. Hmmmmm, and when are you planning to go? Max asked in an unpleasant tone. Well I don’t really have plans on going. I said. Oh why not? He is sick at least show some care. He said. You sure about what you are saying? Will you go with me? I asked. Oh baby you know I can’t go with you. You can go with AJ or Fafa. (Fafa was my SHS mate so she knew Junior). Hmm, if you say so I will talk to Fafa and go……..

A week later, Junior called again.

Junior: Ey Adez, so you seriously don’t care anymore right? You don’t even care if I die right?

Me: Oh come on Junior how can you say this. I promise to come tomorrow after lectures.

I called Max the next day after lectures and told him I was going with Fafa to visit Junior. He got upset with me that I had not gone the previous week but I was now going which was quite unusual of me. But I knew myself and I knew seeing Junior could bring back memories but hey I had to go.

Upon reaching Korle Bu I called Junior and he directed us towards his ward but told us not to come in as he will come down himself. From afar I saw a figure like Junior but I didn’t want to believe my eyes because he had grown so skinny. I started shaking as he approached and tears filled my eyes. I run to hug him but he stopped me. I just didn’t understand but Fafa came to hold me and we walked towards a summer hut close by.

I kept asking Junior what was wrong but he couldn’t stop his tears to answer me and my tears were not drying up either. Hmmmmm. Fafa asked to be excused as she wanted to use the restroom. As she left Junior told me he had contracted Tuberclosis, I couldn’t help the tears. What? How did this happen?  When? Oh my God! Junior I am sorry I wasn’t there for you. Hmmmm. He told me he had actually been sick since we parted because he couldn’t take the shock of the break up and from nowhere this tuberculosis came in, so he kept talking with a handkerchief over his mouth. Hmmm this was really hard for me so he asked Fafa to take me to campus. I couldn’t control my tears till I got to campus and she took me straight to Max’s room. Max just hugged me and started crying too even before asking me why.

To be continued………………………………………………………..




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