After crying for a while with me, Max stopped to ask me what was up with Junior? What was his diagnosis? Hmm baby, (the tears couldn’t just stop) Junior has tuberculosis. Tuber whaaaaat? Eyyy how, when, I mean how did he contract that harmful disease. Max asked shocked. Hmmm I just don’t know, I don’t understand, I mean why him! hmmmmmm. Baby you should see Junior, he has grown so lean, it’s heartbreaking. Aww I know what tuberculosis does to a person. This is not good news at all. I am sad. But cheer up, at least it is curable and luckily the government takes care of all the expenses of tuberculosis patients so he will soon recover okay? Max tried to encourage me to be strong and have hope Junior will be fine soon. He also asked me to try and visit him often at least once every week. Although I was surprised he said that, I was also excited.

On my next visit with Fafa, Junior said something about the past that got me thinking, like the promises we made to each other, the future we were looking up to build together and the like. I got even sadder than the first day because I felt very disloyal and unfaithful to my promises, but was it my fault that distance was becoming a barrier and that also I had met a new cute guy, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. He told me how disappointed his mum and siblings were in me when they heard I had broken up with him. I got sad the more. That day I brought him food but he told me he would eat it later in the day. We left after two hours of visit and we came back to campus.

I was very disturbed that night thinking of the failed promises. Junior and I had lots of plans for each other. We had plans together to build a great future for ourselves. Hmmmm! Questions started flooding my mind. Did I rush into a new relationship? Was I being selfish? Was my thought about distance wrong? Was I really in love with Junior? If so, why did I live him? Had I really fallen for Max? Did I do the right thing at all? Hmmm. I had a sleepless night that night.

I started having a second thought of going back to Junior. Was I not making a wrong decision? Hmmm well.

The following week, I went to visit Junior and he was recuperating bit by bit. I was so excited. When i got back to campus, I told Max Junior was recuperating and he was also delighted to hear such good news. But he asked an awkward question if I was feeling bad that I left him. I told him I felt bad we were not in touch especially when he got sick but what matters now is that he is getting better. He sighed and hugged me and said everything will be fine. The semester was almost getting over and exam for all levels except level 100 was approaching. Level 100s were supposed to go home for Christmas and come back  to write our exams so there was not too much pressure on me.


Max and I went to the beach the next Saturday. We had enough fun until Max started becoming emotional. He said he realized I had become quite moody after I learnt of Junior’s sickness and it had made him very worried.  I told him I was moody because I didn’t understand why Junior should be diagnosed with such a deadly disease but hey I believe he will be fine soon. Max asked me if my feelings for Junior had revived. I just smiled and said he shouldn’t worry but I rather realized he got extra worried and felt he could lose me.

We left the beach around 6pm and got to campus around 7.30pm. We had supper and went to bed but I knew Max would not sleep but just think about my reaction towards that question but I mean I couldn’t have lied to him that was why I gave that answer. But the question still remains, Would I go back to Junior OR stay with Max?




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