Hey baby, I am glad we are back. I thought I was going to die thinking about the fact that someone has you now Adez. It wasn’t easy for me at all. Most especially when I was faced with the reality that you were dating Max. Initially I thought you were kidding as usual but after a long period of silence from you, the reality dawned on me. My Adez has been taken from me! I couldn’t eat for days. Mum was so worried. She wanted to call you but I prevented her. Hmm but hey thank God we are “BACK TO BASICS”. Let’s start our love story all over again.

(Junior and I were back together. Yeah I gave up on Max, I felt I still loved Junior and wasn’t so fair to him. He had recovered fully from his ailment now and was fit to go back to school. )

I am sorry honey, it wasn’t an easy decision to make but hey we are back now and that’s what matters. I hope you are very fit now to go back to school. Junior, please if you are not, please stay here with your sister for some time.  Adez, you sure you just don’t want me to stay and spend some time with you in Accra and you are trying to use my health as an excuse? Hahaha we both laughed. Let’s go shopping baby, kindly escort me to buy some items for school, Junior said.

(At the mall) 

That’s a lovely blouse, I think it will fit you well, Junior said. Arh! I thought you came to shop for yourself for school? I asked. Can’t I buy something I see as beautiful and will look awesome on my girlfriend for her? Junior asked. Sorry boss! I said and we both laughed.  Junior shopped for me more than he shopped for himself. We proceeded to have lunch at a plush restaurant before going home. He took me home before going home.

Me: Are you home?

Junior: Yeah I am dear, get some rest, we will go to the cinema at 7pm to watch the latest movie.

Me: Sure but don’t you need some rest for tomorrow journey as you will be leaving for Kumasi?

Junior: I changed my mind hun I will leave next week.


Junior: Yes if that makes my baby happy?

Me: It sure does! Yaaay, see you at 7pm then. Love you!

(In Max’s house)

Maxwell please eat something. If Adez is the right girl for you, she will surely come back to you. Max’s mum told Max as he was trying to get him to eat. Max had been crying and starving himself since he came home for vacation. He just couldn’t get over the fact that Adez chose Junior over him. Although he felt Adez had every right to fall back for her first love after seeing him so miserable when she visited him in the hospital. Yes, Adez is not your usual kind of girl. She is not a material girl. She will not love you because of your money or gifts. Her love is genuine. She is very compassionate and not only loves but gets closer to people who feel neglected, poor or disabled. She will try her possible best to put a smile on your face. But she so loves attention and loves it when you keep her in the known and communicate with her quite often. Hmm (Max reminisced). He wiped his face and smiled. If she truly loves me she will come back to me. God please bring back my lover to me in Jesus name, Amen! Max prayed. But hey sorry mum, I really don’t feel like eating. My son, this is not a threat but if you don’t eat I will tell your dad you attempted suicide twice in school when Adez left you. OH Mum! This is not even a threat, its blackmail! But mum you know broken hearts are never easy, and this is actually my first relationship and my first broken heart experience. Mum, I really can’t leave without Adez. (Max broke down into tears again.) Then you shouldn’t have allowed her to slip through your hands. Adez is a good girl and you shouldn’t have agreed when she asked if she could go back to her ex. But mum, I couldn’t stand and watch and deny her of something it seemed she really wanted. You know there is a saying that “You only know you love her when you let her go?” HOH! Son so do you mean even if she comes back and she asks to go back you still will let her? Simply because of your saying? She asked. No way! Max said and started tearing up again. Aww come on my son, be strong. Adez will surely come back to you, Max’s mum consoled him.  But mum, she is back with her first love and I think she is very happy. Son, please be strong, she will come back, trust me. I think what she feels right now for the other guy is pity and she is just feeling bad that she left him but after sometime she will realize she still loves you. You can mark my words. You will be fine son! Thank you mummy!




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