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Discovering Thy Self



I have judged and been judged by others
I have hurt and been hurt
I lost loved ones, family and friends… I made foes
I have been disappointed and disappointed others
I have been disrespected and disrespected many
I have been humiliated and belittled…
I have been repudiated and abandoned, and vice versa – all because I didn’t know and understand myself well enough to appreciate and understand others.
I had a little knowledge about temperament yet it was never applied in my day-to-day interactions with others.
Psychology teaches that, as we encounter people with different behaviours on routine basis we form perception about them based on two dispositions; internal and external attributions.
We often make a quick judgment about others when we are not in support of their behaviours or actions without taking our time to know what warranted such behaviours or take into consideration their temperaments…
Yes, we are all guilty of that so shame on you, shame on me too.
As we (may) know each of us exhibits a blend of two or more of the four types of temperaments but has one that prevails..
No one is 100%; Melancholy only, Sanguine only, Phlegmatic only or Choleric only.
These temperaments fall under two umbrellas: Extrovert and Introvert.
The Melancholy and Phlegmatic personality fall under introvert. While Sanguine and Choleric personality fall under extrovert.
To know others and make sense of their behaviours you must first know and understand yourself. You Must Discover They self!
You need to know which of the four temperaments you belong to.
That is what the above book seeks to do. As you read you will find out if you are the peaceful and unperturbed Phlegmatic, the “All over the place” Sanguine, the well organized and depressed Melancholy or the Authoritarian Choleric. It will help you discover the real you, understand others and how to relate to them irrespective of their temperaments.
It will unearth the secret of your actions.
The book will aid you build a better and healthy relationships with others. It will also help you in choosing a life time partner.
Just grab a copy and have a good read.
I am still in the journey to discover myself…. so I can know and understand others. Join me let’s make this trip together, cheers 😘



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