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We all grew up on Ananse stories. Bluebird Theatre, a young and dynamic production, is about to attempt something never before seen or heard of. They are bringing back our African hero, yes, Africa’s original Spiderman; resurrecting Kwaku Ananse in our iphone generation in their newest play, “Kwaku Ananse in 21st Century” Somewhere is Tamale, the debut of this biggest show is about to go down. This play is one of a kind. The title alone stirs imagination. How would Kwaku Ananse the famous trickster be like if he lived with us in this tech-savvy generation. Would he grow worse at his craft of deceit? Would he develop ingenious ways of swindling his friends, family and God himself? Or there’s a minute potential that he would change for the better? This much anticipated play comes on at 6:00pm on the 24th of November, 2018 in the UDS mega auditorium. The production would subsequently tour various cities in Ghana with this brilliant and humourous stage play.

Two things makes this play exceptional; Derrick Korletey, the director and playwright in Bluebird Theatre is a sixth year medical student in UDS-Tamale. He admits to having a strong passion for both medicine and theatre arts. His passion for writing, directing and the arts started in his young days in Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School Legon.

The proceeds from the play would be going to support a unique project called Where The People Are project.WTPA project is a two-part project that involves going wher marginalized people are (orphanages, rehabilitation centres, prisons, etc) to share joy and laughter with those often accustomed to sadness. The second aspect of the WTPA project involves starring orphans, drug addicts under rehabilitation, prisoners and ex-convicts in their main-stream stage plays to give marginalized people a sense of self-worth and make them feel as important as they intrinsically are. Making stars from the suppressed. This creates an avenue for the marginalized to express the gifts and talents they have but lack opportunity to express.

This is what Kingsley Ohene Keteku, one of the lead cast members had to say about the play, “If you missed our earlier plays (Shoes and Shoelaces and Busted) you sure can’t miss this one because we’ve grown bigger and better. You think you’ve seen all Ananse has to offer, well you’re wrong. Come and experience the untold story of Ananse.”

We encourage everyone to buy tickets, tell others about the play, come with loved ones and to support Bluebird Theatre to grow and to do even more. If you are outside Tamale and would still love to support the WTPA project with your donation do reach out to them on their MoMo number 0549795837 Joyce B. (Ref: WTPA Project) or their NIB bank account number; 3624068957101 Name; Bluebird Theatre.

Your donation, no matter how small, would make a big difference in the life of an orphan, prisoner and drug addict. You can reach them on bluebirdvisproductions@gmail.com.


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