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Manifesting Purpose-The Mandate-Quick Word



It’s a beautiful day with lots and lots of joy, access and connections. It’s the end of the year, but not the end of your life! More vim!

We have been looking at our mandate to lead as God established. Not only did He tell us to be fruitful, He also told us to multiply!

In this life, it is either you are multiplying yourself in others, or you are minimizing your impact in their lives. _Have a ‘Multiplying’ mindset!_ That is how to influence your world.

Begin to make mention of leading churches in the world, and you will realize that you are looking at churches that have multiplied themselves in many people (and possibly at many places)

This same phenomenon applies to businesses, institutions and organizations. The more you multiply yourself, the higher your influence and leadership over others.

If you don’t want your idea or business to go extinct, then be prepared to multiply yourself into others.

The Lord told me that in the next few years (from 2019 to 2029), most successful global economies will be India, China and Nigeria. (If you want a place to do big businesses, go there!)

What amazes me most about this vision is how all these economies are huge in terms of numbers! Because they have multiplied themselves in terms of numbers (population), they will lead in business!

*Your influence is as strong as how much people and places you have multiplied yourself into.* Lone rangers don’t build lasting and impactful empires.

In all thy doing, multiply yourself, your ideas, your gifts and successes into others. That is what it means to be leading! Receive grace!

Prince Ohene Bekoe
President, HarvestFields


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