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The iPlatform 2019


The iPlatform is a platform created by iFans Royal to bring transformation among the youth through technology. It’s basically designed for iPhone users. Therefore, participants must have iPhones and show their Apple IDs to prove their ownership.This enables users to come together and socialize to get insights through education and entertainment in order to make a difference in their lives.

The platform allows users to also exhibit their talents in order to get support to build upon them. This will help them to make great impact on
our generation.The main vision of this platform is to create a direct solid relationship between Ghana and the Apple Company through the youth and technology. This will help the Country to promote its culture to the
larger audience in the world.
Again, it is to empower people, especially the youth to take a bold decision to start an initiative on
their own to help themselves and the Country as a whole.Also, this platform is to honour our hard working Celebrities due to their contributions to the
development of the Country.Lastly, it is to support the needy and the less privileged in our various communities. Now, the first iPlatform comes on 2019 March 30th. This is an initiative by Martinezz.





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