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Prosalms( Prosalms.com, Radio and Television are brought to you by a group of presenters, Pastors, Motivational and Inspirational Speakers, editors and content producers seeking to provide applicable, educational and entertaining content to followers of Jesus Christ regardless of where they are in their respective spiritual journeys.

We believe that worshiping God isn’t just going to church on Sundays. We also believed that Worshiping and learning the word of God can be done anywhere at anytime across the globe with access to these information every time when necessary.

Our Vision at PROSALMS( Prosalms.com, PROSALMS Radio and Television are to encourage and challenge you, to help you worship and help you think, to give you practical application of Scripture as well as positive shared testimonies and honest struggles.

We strive to provide timely information on everything from Marriage, Inspirational and Motivation quote,Wisdom Corner, Campus Activities,Personality Profiles, Knowledge Piles to Bible Study, Prayer, Spiritual Growth and Devotionals, to current events and a Christian look at movies, music and popular culture, always within an overarching framework of Christianity